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Project 1999: Blue

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Please note: Some zone destinations on P99: Blue are handled by our third-party travel partners and may be subject to different travel policies, pricing, and availability.

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Where We Port

  Eastern Plains of Karana
  Feerrott Jungle
  Lavastorm Mountains
  Misty Thicket
  Northern Plains of Karana
  Southern Desert of Ro
  Surefall Glade
  Western Commonlands
  Butcherblock Mountains
  Loping Plains
  Steamfont Mountains
  Emerald Jungle
  Skyfire Mountains
  The Dreadlands
  Dawnshroud Peaks
  Grimling Forest
  The Nexus
  The Twilight
  Buried Sea
  Stoneburnt Mountains
  Toxxulia Forest
Omen's of War
  The Bloodfields
  Wall of Slaughter
Serpent's Spine
  Blightfire Moors
  Direwind Cliffs
  The Steppes
The Planes
  Brell's Rest
  The Grounds
  The Plane of Knowledge
  The Plane of Time
  Cobalt Scar
  Great Divide
  Iceclad Ocean
  Wakening Lands

Travel Services

To ensure your experience with NuzterAir is one to remember, we offer a variety of teleportation and travel related services.

Item Transfers

NuzterAir provides safe and efficient item transfer services. In many cases, you can drop off your items-for-transfer in one zone and retrieve them in another.

Succor Point Service

Sometimes, Druid rings are not conveniently located. In many zones, Succor Points can bring you closer to your final destination, without the worry of having to run through potentially unsafe areas. Ask us if your destination has a Succor Point that could better suit your travel itinerary. After arriving in your destination zone, we will port you again to that zone's Succor Point free of charge.

Travel Emergencies

Loss of Connection

If you suddenly become linkdead: We will make a reasonable effort to defend and protect your character until it has been safely removed from the world.


Should you die during your travels: Contact us for assistance in returning you to your corpse. In most situations, we can provide resurrection services or assist with coordinating resurrections for you.

Becoming Stranded

If you become stranded: Do not panic. We will work with you to promptly evacuate you and your party to a safe zone.